Millimeter Wave Wireless Sensing and Communication

The project aims to design and implement WiMi, the first open-access millimeter-wave (mmWave) software-radio with a programmable baseband, 60 GHz & 80 GHz RF front-end, reconfigurable beamforming antenna, and mmWave RFID transponder. The specific goals of WiMi include: (i) Enabling experiment-driven research across multiple disciplines involving 60 GHz wireless networking, mmWave mobile sensing, ubiquitous medical imaging, mmWave RFID, etc. (ii) Initiating an educational plan that creates the first laboratory-oriented curriculum for mmWave networking and sensing, promoting hands-on experiences with a programmable mmWave testbed. (iii) Extending WiMi’s impacts through workshop, tutorial, open-source hardware/software dissemination and collaboration with industry partners.